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Creating Informed Learners in the Classroom

Do you have students who struggle to effectively use evidence in your class projects, efficiently use disciplinary processes to make decisions, or value and make use of different types of information in your course?

Creating Informed Learners in the Classroom project is a partnership between Purdue University, the University of Arizona, and the University of Nebraska, Lincoln to create or enhance student projects and learning activities that teach students information strategies to help them succeed in the course and beyond.


University of Arizona

Fabian Alfie Fabian Alfie
Ping Situ Ping Situ
Instructor Fabian Alfie and librarian Ping Situ are working together so that students can learn about historical and cultural information specially challenging the preconceptions about Middle Ages.
Celeste González de Bustamante Celeste González de Bustamante
Niamh Wallace Niamh Wallace
Professor Celeste González de Bustamante and librarian Niamh Wallace are working together to help students develop media literacy skills and evaluate reliable information sources in a news and society course. Students will examine various types of historical documents, including news reports from the pandemics of 1918-1920, 1957-1958, and 2019-2020.
Jeannine Relly Jeannine Relly
Mary Feeney Mary Feeney
Instructor Jeannine Relly and librarian Mary Feeney are working together to guide students in analytical techniques and frameworks to analyze and navigate disinformation and misinformation in an upper-level journalism course.
Laurie C. Sheldon Laurie C. Sheldon
Instructor Laurie C. Sheldon and librarian Jeanne Pfander are working together so that family and consumer sciences students will be able to integrate research with the feedback they received to produce an infographic as well a final policy presentation.
Wen Wen Wen Wen
Instructor Wen Wen and librarian Leslie Sult are working together to teach pre-service teachers how to integrate information literacy into their future teaching practices.

University of Nebraska–Lincoln

James Checco James Checco
Kiyomi Deards Kiyomi Deards
Assistant Professor James Checco and librarian Kiyomi Deards are working together to help Organic Chemistry students become proficient at finding and understanding primary scientific literature.
Rose Holz Rose Holz
Toni Anaya Toni Anaya
Instructor Rose Holz and librarian Toni Anaya are working together to have students carry out a research project related to women, gender, and/or sexuality using interdisciplinary method of analysis.
Danni Gilbert Danni Gilbert
Anita Breckbill Anita Breckbill
Instructor Danni Gilbert and librarian Anita Breckbill are working together with music education student teachers to help them design and conduct an action research study.
Jemalyn Griffin Jemalyn Griffin
Instructor Jemalyn Griffin and librarian Signe Boudreau are working together to have students identify a brand campaign or social/political movement and analyze the overall impact of social media through an in-depth content analysis.
Prabhakar Shrestha Prabhakar Shrestha
Erica DeFrain Erica DeFrain
Instructor Prabhakar Shrestha and librarian Erica DeFrain are working together to make students understand about climate change issues and design a plan to fight against climate change.

Purdue University

Matt Hannah Matt Hannah
Instructor Tracy L. Clark and librarian Matt Hannah are working together to enable students to share patient information and data visualization about COVID19.
Natasha Duncan Natasha Duncan
John Fritch John Fritch
Instructor Natasha Duncan and librarian John Fritch are working together to have students do archival research on immigrant groups settled in the Greater Lafayette area.
Annette Bochenek Annette Bochenek
Instructor Meara Habashi and librarian Annette Bochenek are working together to enable students to compare and contrast the gap between research on gender and those application in the workplace.
Krystal Hans Krystal Hans
Chao Cai Chao Cai
Instructor Krystal Hans and librarian Chao Cai are working together to enable students to identify information sources related to a crime scene investigation, conduct an analysis of forensic evidence and prepare testimony for a trial.
Alex Isaacs Alex Isaacs
Monica Miller Monica Miller
Jason Reed Jason Reed
Instructors Alex Isaacs and Monica Miller along with librarian Jason Reed are working together to prepare pharmacy students to use information along with self-awareness to assist in procuring employment in their desired field of pharmacy.

Project Details

Instructors from different disciplines are working with academic librarians to create classroom projects in which students engage with information in new ways to learn course content.


  • Attended four online meetings to design a student project
  • Implement the project in Spring 2021 or Fall 2021
  • Submit required deliverables, including the following:
    • Project rubric
    • Project description
    • A brief report outlining aggregated student performance and a summary of student reflections on the project.

Participatants receive:

  • $1,000 incentive
  • 1-1 support from an academic librarian to design a project
  • Opportunities for travel funds to share the results of the project at conferences or workshops
  • Opportunity to present the results of the project at a symposium at Purdue University in spring 2022

If you have questions about the CILC project, please contact


  • Week 1: Overview to Informed Learning Design & Identifying Learning Goals
  • Week 2: Scaffolding Learning Activities & Assessments
  • Week 3: Assessment Rubric Working Session
  • Week 4: Student Project Presentation and Rubric Completion

This project (Academic Librarian Curriculum Developers: Building Capacity to Integrate Information Literacy across the University) was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (RE-13-19-0021-19).

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