Getting Started with Associations Unlimited

Open Parrish Library Homepage

in another browser window to work through this tutorial side by side.

This tutorial covers how to use Associations Unlimited. This tutorial will cover:

- the variety of searches you can do in Associations Unlimited

- how to create a custom search for more specific results

- what information is available to you in an Associations Unlimited Report

To begin, from the Parrish Library homepage, select the List of Business Databases on the left side of the page.

Then select Associations Unlimited from the list of Parrish databases.

(If you are off campus, it will ask for your Purdue username and password.)

Associations Unlimited provides information about international and U.S. national, regional, state, and local nonprofit membership organizations in all fields.It covers associations for professionals in a field and for companies in an industry.

You will be directed to the homepage, which is a main menu. From here, you can select a search form based on what you know--and need to know--about an association.

You can search by association name, location, subject, or create a custom search that combines multiple search criteria.

Let's try a search for the NRA.

Click Association Name or Acronym Search.

Next, type "NRA" into the Association Acronym search box.

Notice at the top of the page that you can select "National," "International," or "Regional/State/Local" modules to view, prior to searching.

Click "Search."

You'll get a variety of results with "NRA" as the acronym. Let's examine the National Restaurant Association.

Click "National Restaurant Association."

Once you choose the association you want to look at, you'll be given a report that displays contact information, a description of the organization's purpose, awards, publications, and the SIC Industry code. Your report will include any information that Associations Unlimited has for that organization.

Scroll down through the report.

Let's try another search!

Click "Main Menu" on the left side of the page.

You can use these search options to find organizations committed to almost any subject or issue.

For this next search, we'll do a custom search. Click "Custom Search."

Because the custom search allows you to be as specific as you want or need, you'll find many more search cells on the Custom Search form.

Let's search for Girl Scouts in Indiana.

In the Association Name box, type "Girl Scouts."

In the State/Province box, type "Indiana."

Scroll down to the end of the form and click "Search."

You should now have many fewer results than you did last time since we were looking for a specific organization in a particular location.

Choose the first option.

You'll find that this report has far fewer details than the last one we examined. This will not always be the case. However, you'll find that smaller organizations sometimes have less information available.

If you want to find out what types of organizations are out there about a particular subject, you can try the subject/anyword search.

Return to the Main Menu.

Choose Subject/Anyword Search.

We'll do a search for chocolate, to find out what types of associations are out there having to do with chocolate.

In the "free text" field, type "chocolate"

You'll get an alphabetical list of results or organizations that have anything to do with chocolate.

Now you know the different variety of searches available in Associations Unlimited, how to find the information you need about a particular organization, and the information available in an Associations Unlimited report.


Thank you for using this tutorial!