Getting Started with Factiva

Open Parrish Library Homepage

in another browser window to work through this tutorial side by side.

Welcome to this tutorial on Factiva!

This tutorial will show you:

  • How to access Factiva
  • What kind of information is available
  • How to do a search

To get started, from the Parrish Library homepage, select the List of Business Databases on the left side of the page.

Then select Factiva.

Note: If you experience issues with this Guide closing when you access the database you may need to open the Guide in a separate window.

What kind of information is available?

Factiva is a global information resource that provides full-text access to top national and international newspapers (including full text of the Wall Street Journal), newswires, business journals, market research reports, analyst reports and websites.

Note: This resource only allows a limited number of users at one time. If you are unable to access Factiva, it may mean that all of the available seats are currently in use. Check back again later to see if you’re able to access it.

Simple Search

  • Click on the home button located in the main navigation at the top of the page.

With a simple search, you have the option to select the source and/or the date range you’re looking for by clicking the options arrow near the search bar.

  • Using the search box, type in a keyword or company name.

Filters, such as companies, executives, and industries, will appear under the search box as you type.

  • Click "Search."


Headlines related to your search will appear on this page.

You can use the filters on the left to narrow your results further.

For example, you can choose to exclude results from specific sources, subjects, regions, and more.

Results Cont'd.

To open a result, click on the title of the article you want to read. It will display on the right side of the screen.

You can use the display buttons located in the upper right corner to change how the information is displayed.

You also have the option to print or download using the buttons above the list of headlines.

Search Builder

In some cases, you may want to search for two companies at once.

  • Hover over the Search button located in the main navigation.
  • Click “Search Builder.”

In the company search field,

  • Type the name of the company you want to search for.
  • Click on “And."
  • Type in a second company name.

Both companies should be highlighted with “and” between them.

  • Click "Search."

This list of results will focus on the two companies you chose.

Note: If you need to change your search criteria, click “modify search” in the upper right corner.

News Sources

Factiva can also be a great resource when it comes to today’s new. You can see the day’s headlines by clicking “News Pages” at the top of the page.

Here you’ll have access to titles such as The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, and The New York Times.

Please Log Out

Once you’ve finished using Factiva, please remember to log out so that others may use this resource.

What have you learned?

Now you know how to access Factiva, what kind of information is available, and how to do a search.

Thank you for using this tutorial!

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact