Getting Started with IBISworld

Open Parrish Library Page

in another browser window to work through this tutorial side by side.

This tutorial covers how to use IBISworld to find industry reports. This tutorial will cover:

- a basic search

- navigating reports

- finding industry data

- exporting results

To begin, from the Parrish Library homepage, select the List of Business Databases on the left side of the page.

Then select IBISworld from the list of Parrish databases.

(If you are off campus, it will ask for your Purdue username and password.)

In this tutorial, we'll be learning how to access Industry information using IBISWorld. 

Click "Login" under Industry Reports, to get started.

IBISworld is an industry research database, meaning it has information about collections of companies who compete for the same consumer. Let's try a search together.

Select the search box. Search for "fast food". 

Our search returns results about the United States, Global reports as well as reports about China. Click on the report "Fast Food Restaurants in the US".

Use the tabs at the top of the report to navigate the contents.

The report defaults the "About this Industry section. In the "About This Industry" area it gives you a industry definition of what IBISworld considers this industry. This is very important as each industry database might define that industry a little differently.

This section also give you a summaries of the other areas of the report such as Major Players and their activities.

Click on the "Industry at a Glance" section. In the "Industry at a glance" tab we will find many charts and figures as well as the market site. You will also find projections.

Click on the "Industry Performance" section. Industry performance will give internal and external drivers in the industry

Click on the "Products and Markets" section The "Products and Markets" area will give you an idea of what type of product are in the market and what industries are related.

Click on the "Major Companies" section. Here you can find out about market segmentation.

Click on the "Key Statistics" section. The "Key Statistics" areas give a lot of useful information and ratios.

In the top left side of the report, you will see these buttons. It will look like this:

You use these button to export this report as a PDF file, print the report, or search within the report.

If you want more in-depth knowledge about how you might use some of the elements in these reports, click on any of the video icons on the page to learn more about that section.

Thank your for using this tutorial!