Getting Started with Plunkett Research

Open Parrish Library Homepage

in another browser window to work through this tutorial side by side.

This tutorial covers how to use Plunkett Research. This tutorial will cover:

- how to find specific market or company information

- how to do a search by keyword, company name, location, or size

- how to find job seeker resources and tools

To begin, from the Parrish Library homepage, select the List of Business Databases on the left side of the page.

Then select Plunkett Research from the list of Parrish databases.

(If you are off campus, it will ask for your Purdue username and password.)

Plunkett Research offers business intelligence, industry trends, statistics, market research, and company lists.

From the homepage, you can find research by industry, company, or search by major industry group.

Let's examine the industry search.

Click "Research an Industry."

The industry search allows you to search a list of industry groups, by keyword, or industry code.

Click "home" to return to the homepage and click "Research a Company"

The companies search allows you to search for a particular company, companies within a certain indstry, or companies that match certain criteria like locations, sales, and size.

Click "home" to return to the homepage.

Now let's try searching in a major industry group.

Let's say we want to find out statistics about water in the green technology field. 

In the center drop-down box, select "Green Technology." 

You will be taken to the Green Technology Industry Research Center. Here, you can search for companies within this industry, browse some of the company, market, and industry information provided, or build a custom industry summary with a combination of this information. You can also do a search on topics within the industry.

Back to our example, we want to look for statistics on water. 

Enter "water" into the search box in the middle of the page.

Click "Advanced." 

Choose "Statistics"

Now we've limited our search to only statistics on water within the industry of green technology. 

Click "Search"

Here is our list of results for statistics on water in the green technology industry.

Click and Open the first result.

You'll notice that in the right-hand corner of each result, you'll find options to show/hide citations, view citation guidelines, and a link to the PDF version of the article.

Articles that include tables will also have a Microsoft Excel button that allows you to download an Excel document of the tables.

Click home to return to the homepage.

From the homepage, you can also find Job seeker resources and tools, located at the top under the major industry group drop-down menu.

Click Job Seeker Resources and Tools.

Here, you will find a variety of job seeker tools such as an occupational outlook handbook, statistics on the job market, and more.

Click to explore one or more of these options.

Thank your for using this tutorial!