Welcome to this tutorial on Gale Directory Library!

This tutorial will show you:

  • How to access Gale Directory Library
  • What kind of information is available
  • How to complete a search

To get started, from the Parrish Library homepage, select the List of Business Databases on the left side of the page.

Then select Gale Directory Library.

Note: If you experience issues with this guide closing when you click on the database, try opening the guide in a separate window.

What kind of information is available?

Gale Directory Library includes information from a variety of premier directories that can be used to locate over 450,000 international and U.S. national, regional, state, and local nonprofit membership organizations in all fields, including IRS data on U.S. 501(c) nonprofit organizations.

Database Interface

From the homepage, you can complete a basic search using the search box, navigate to the advanced search menu by clicking on the Advanced Search link, or search directories individually by using the search box next to the corresponding database.

Basic Search

Use the search box at the top of the page to complete a basic search by keyword.

For example – type “healthcare” into the search box and click search.


The results page will include the total number of results, sort options, and search criteria at the top of the page.

You can use the filter options on the right side of the page to narrow your results further by directory title, state, subject, and more.

Click “State” from the list of filter options on the right, select “Arizona,” then click “Apply.”

Download/Save Options

You can download an entire list of results by clicking “Export Results” at the top of the page.

To download a specific result, click on the title to open the document and select “Send to…”, “Download”, or “Print” from the menu in the upper right corner.

Citation Generator

Click the “Cite” button at the top of the page to generate a citation.

Note: Remember to always double check citations for errors.

Advanced Search

To set up an advanced search, click on the “Advanced Search” link at the top of the page near the search box.

The advanced search allows you to search multiple directories at once, combine search terms, and set additional search parameters.

Example –

  • Select “Encyclopedia of Associations: National Organizations of the U.S.” and “National Directory of Nonprofit Organizations” from the select directories drop down.
  • Type “healthcare” into the first search box.
  • Select “description” from the drop down.
  • Click Search.

Highlights and Notes

Gale Directory Library includes a useful Highlights and Notes tool that can help you organize your research.

To use this feature –

  • Click on an organization from the list of results.
  • Highlight an area of text within the result using the cursor.
  • Choose a color marker.
  • Type a personal note.

To view the complete list of notes and highlights for that session, click on the Highlights and Notes button at the top of the page.

Note: These notes and highlights are only saved for the current session so be sure to export them or send them to yourself before closing your browser.

Help Resources

If you need more help using Gale Directory Library, you can access the help library by clicking on the help link at the bottom of any of the Gale pages.

What have you learned?

Now you know how to access Gale Directory Library, what kind of information is available, and how to complete a search.

Thank you for using this tutorial!

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact parrlib@purdue.edu