University to Workplace Information Strategies is an online micro-credentialing/badging platform with a scalable structure to support transdisciplinary workplace information literacy for Purdue students in residential and online courses. Information literacy encompasses the interwoven skills and abilities needed to locate, evaluate, synthesize, use, and manage information, which are vital for workplace and lifelong success across disciplines. Today’s workplace is transdisciplinary in nature and requires workers who can successfully gather information from various sources, including existing repositories and human experts, and create informed workplace products (e.g., reports, presentations).

We have created a series of workplace information gathering and application modules that can be easily adopted and utilized by any instructor on campus. We think this will result in graduates who are better prepared for the information demands of today’s workplace environments and who are able to share their transferable credentials with potential employers on their digital resumes and through badge compliant platforms (e.g., LinkedIn).

This series currently consists of five modules:

Each module consists of between six and ten short videos (typically three to five minutes apiece), plus short quizzes. Students who watch each video and complete each quiz earn a badge.

If you would like to incorporate any (or all) of these modules into your course, please contact the project team or talk with your Libraries faculty member.

This module series was funded by by the Purdue Innovation Hub and the Purdue University Libraries & School of Information Studies.